Please do not forget that Lakeview is closed Sat & Sun for a remodel.

Lincoln Square Training Schedule
8a – Team WOD
9a – Powerlifting & SWOD
9a – Olympic Lifting
10a – Team WOD
11a to 1p – Running Clinic hosted by Mark Peterson. Beers to follow.
** there are still a few spots, sign up here if you are interested in being fast.

Team WOD Programming @ 8a & 10a.
** Teams of 2 with a 40 min AMRAP.
** Pick a WOD out of a bucket.
** Do that WOD.
** Pick another WOD out of the bucket.
** Do that WOD
** Repeat.
This is a bit like the easter egg WOD. There will be lots of movements, lots of variations, running, rowing, burpees and a bunch more.  A lot of fun and little more rad than the card game.  

Powerlifting & SWOD @9a
Part I: Close Grip Bench Press x8 for 5 sets (15 min)
** Following your 5 sets of 8, use the heaviest weight you went to on the close grip and then perform 1 or 2 max regular bench press attempts.

Part II: Back Squat Doubles (15 min)
** 2 Reps Every 60 Seconds for 15 rounds.
** Start easy (empty bar) and then add weight each round for as long as you can.

SWOD: 4 Rounds for time of:
20 KB Swings to Eye level 70/55
20 Ball Slams 20/14 (done on the turf)
. . . then finish the SWOD with 100 Dead Bugs (this part is not for time)

Olympic Lifting @9a
The class focus will be on finding 1RM on Clean, Snatch or Jerk. Athlete’s choice! New to Oly or have an old number and want to beat it. Come on in and be coached to a new 1RM!!


New cage post layout.