It’s officially garage door season! We made it, team. 

This month, we’ll be celebrating the close of Defined Intramurals, preparing for Spring cleaning, making small changes to our Sunday schedule, and opening up our patio for solo training. While hope is in the air, our priorities remain the same: you, your health, and the collective success of our community. Read on for news you can use!

Defined Intramurals: We did it.

We’re proud of you, team!

Open workouts are known for challenging both physical and mental strength. So whether you believe it or not, you’ve already won. Participation was key to scoring big for Defined Intramurals, but it was also the key to success overall. Whether you surprised yourself with your speed or felt duped by a wall walk, you’ve now proven that you can (and will) continually show up for the tough stuff: when circumstances demand your resilience.

Congratulations to Team Dolphins: Our official 2021 Defined Intramural Champions.

Thank you to Coach Kevin for your support in the organization and Coach Allyn for your weekly guided approach. We needed you both to see us through! The Dolphins will be contacted soon about your championship catered training session with a complimentary photo shoot.

It’s that time again: Spring Cleaning!

Clear out your cubbies by Thursday, April 8th @ 12p.

We’ll be tackling our yearly Spring Cleaning to ensure your cubbies smell like May flowers. Anything that is not removed for your cubbies by Thursday, April 8th @ 12p will be donated to local schools and local training programs. If you are out of town and need help storing your gear, please give us a shout.

Schedule reminders: The early bird gets DefCon.

Don’t forget: Sunday DefCon now begins at 8:00AM, 9:10AM, and 10:20AM!

Our Foundations class has been moved to 11:30AM for the Spring and Summer.

Holiday Schedule Update: We’ll be CLOSED Sunday, 4/4 for Easter and Monday, 5/31 for Memorial Day.

We’re a masked gym. 

Because your health is our priority. 

As the weather warms and the city begins to reopen, we want to be clear in saying that we still prioritize your health. We’re excited to hear that vaccinations are becoming more available, small businesses are reopening, and the sun doesn’t set before 6PM. We feel hopeful. To continue to provide health and hope to our community, we’ll continue to require masks and the use of separate, sanitized equipment. Please respect the standard.

The lanai is open for training. But it comes with a set of rules. 

When the weather is warm, the porch is open for training. But here’s what you need to know:

  • 4 training spots are available each hour for independent training.
  • These spots are first come, first serve; AND you MUST check-in with your coach to reserve your spot outdoors. Dropping your things on the porch does not guarantee you a spot; nor does it save a spot for your friend.
  • If you’re training on the lanai, it should be understood that you’ll be working solo. No equipment sharing. Social distancing will be enforced. You can do your own programming or class programming, but our coaches will be prioritizing indoor athletes during regular class times. 
  • You are not required to wear your mask while you are outdoors, but you are required to be respectful of other athletes and our neighbors.
  • Anytime you enter the gym, you must wear your mask.
  • If it rains, you will be asked to train inside. 

Questions? Email [email protected].

Last, we’ll leave you with a continued note from your coaches on how to approach the WHY behind your training. If we keep talking about it, it’s because we care.

A note from your coaches: Let’s talk more about the WHY.

So we’ve considered why we train. But are we taking steps to honestly and actively support this intention?

To put your WHY into action, you may need to move slower. You may need to take weight off your bar. You may need to pick up a heavier kettlebell. You may need to take a rest day.

You may need to shift away from comparison to others and instead have a more confrontational discussion with yourself. To help guide you in the right direction, take a moment and honestly answer the following questions for yourself: 

  1. What is your training goal today?
  2. Does it support the WHY behind your training?
  3. How might you approach your training differently with this goal in mind?
  4. What do you say to yourself during your training to reinforce your goal?

Remember: Every day builds upon a week. Every week builds upon a month. The key here is consistency not only in training, but in approach and intention. Goals are ever-changing. But how do we know when and what to change unless we’ve set the standard?

Wanna chat strategy? Email us to set up a time to meet with a coach to discuss your approach.

Have a great week, team. We’ll see you on the training floor. 

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