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CrossFit does NOT Define us. Our actions do.

With events like WorkingOut in support of the LGBTQ+ community, our annual Row Raiser in support of Special Olympics, CrossFit Caliente, which celebrates our Latinx communities, and most recently, the Big Floyd Hero WOD that commemorates the life of George Floyd, our gym leadership and coaches have taken the steps to celebrate our diverse community.

We acknowledge that our gym is one of inclusivity that celebrates and encourages growth in one’s self-identity and strength.

The recent comments made by CrossFit’s CEO, Greg Glassman, are in no way indicative of the community that Defined has built within the past 10 years. As a community, we denounce leadership that promotes racism in any way, shape, or form.

Two years in the making of Defined’s rebranding efforts, we are committed to developing our voice, method of programming, and approach to health and wellness.

This is who we are.

To be clear: We will NOT renew our affiliation with CrossFit moving forward.
Together, we are Defined.