Saturday Beach WOD 8am and 9:30am See you at Fullerton and the Lake!

Schedule Note for Saturday: We will be canceling all classes.  Please join us at the lake for our first Beach WOD of the year! No experience needed and friends and family are welcome.  Please click link above for all the details!


A. Time trial- 2/3
Thrusters 95/65lbs
*10 minute time cap

**Compare scores to 6.7.13

This time trial on Fran will be our 2nd of 3 efforts over the next 4 weeks.  Every 2 weeks we will perform Fran as a very effective way to measure our progress.  Why Fran?  Its fast, its short, it has a light/moderate weight coupled with a medium level bodyweight skill.  Whatever scaling you use for your pullups or thrusters should be maintained throughout all three attempts!

The 3 minute Amrap of Burpees will also be coupled with Fran every 2 weeks.  Burpees are a full body movement through a great range of motion.  Work capacity is the name of the game.  How many can you string together and how long can you keep moving for?

Record your scores from both efforts!

B. Take 20 minutes-
Floor press: Find your heavy 3
-After finding your heavy 3, take 60% of your 3RM and perform 3 max reps set.
Rest as needed between sets.

Time trial- 2/3
3 Minute Amrap

Our 5:30am crew breaking in Lincoln Square!  Rock on ZD530
Our 5:30am crew breaking in Lincoln Square! Rock on ZD530