Schedule Reminder for Lincoln Square:
5:30am WOD
6pm WOD

Onramp Team Derecho graduating this Saturday. Our next onramp starts this weekend as well, if you’re interested in being part of our growing community in Lincoln Square, please contact us at [email protected]

A. Take 15 minutes-
 Pushpress: Find your heavy 3

B. Take 20 minutes-
Back Squat: 10 Rounds: Bodyweight Backsquat X max effort
*Perform max effort bodyweight backsquats, 20 seconds ON, 40 seconds OFF; for 10 Rounds.
-Take 5-7 minutes to warm-up to weight.
*Recording total number of squats completed over 10 Rounds

C. For time:
Double Unders
*10 minute time cap

Gerald catching his breath with Team support!
Gerald catching his breath with Team in waiting…