Schedule Changes at Lincoln Square for this weekend:
Lincoln Square is hosting a CrossFit Level 1 Certification over the weekend. Our regular classeswill be cancelled!
With that said we are hosting an evening option:
Saturday: 1/25
5:30pm-7pm Open gym
6-7pm Team Endurance WOD
7pm: Post WOD Adult Beverage Hydration Time.
Sunday: 1/26 Closed
Join some of your coaches and fellow CFD Lincoln Square athletes for some drinks Post Open gym/WOD. Drinks provided! Hang out for a bit, meet some new faces and have a drink on us!

A. Conventional Deadlift- 8 Sets
85%x max reps
85%x 2 sets at half the reps of your max set

B. Team WOD: Teams of 2
15 minute Amrap
Complete 1200 meter row as a team. Alternating every 100 meters.
Fill the remaining time with
As many cycles of “The Bear” as possible: 115/75lbs
1 Cycle equals:
1 Hang Power Clean +
1 Front Squat +
1 Shoulder to Overhead +
1 Back Squat +
1 Shoulder to Overhead
*Every time the barbell touches the ground, partners must stop what they are doing and perform 3 burpees each.
**Teams choose how many cycles each partner will complete before handing the barbell over to their team mate.

***Score is total number of Cycle completed of “The Bear”!