Week 3/4 of current cycle!

Split Squat
– 3 reps per side
– 1st rep ONLY: 3 seconds down, 3 second pause in bottom position, then complete 2 reps with no tempo, per side
– Take 10 minutes building to heavy working weight

Every 3 minutes for 3 Rounds:
Complete the following;
Split Squat X 5 reps each side (no tempo)
Single Arm Bench Press X 10-12 reps per side
Single Arm Waiters Walk X 30 seconds each side

For time: (12 minute cap)
Single Arm Russian KB Swings, per side
*After Even sets only: (5 sets total)
Perform 1 Turkish Getup per side

*Using same weight for both the single arm swings and TGU


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