Defined @ Home Workout-

Mobility X 5 Minutes
Couch Stretch for the hip flexors and quads! – Video
Spend 2 minutes per side! 

Tabata: 20 on/ 10 off X 10 Rounds (5 minutes)

4 Square Drill – Video
R1: 1-2 (2 feet)
R2: 2-3 (2 feet)
R3: 1-3-2 (2 feet)
R4: 1-3-2-4 (2 feet)
R5: Your choice, pick 4 numbers (2 feet)
R6: 1-2 (single leg, right)
R7: 2-1 (single leg, left)
R8: 1-3-2 (single leg, right)
R9: 2-4-1 (single leg, left)
R10: Your choice, pick 4 numbers (single leg)

Coaches’ Notes:
Work for 20 seconds, rest 10 seconds for a total of 10 Rounds. Draw 2 lines on the floor and label them with the numbers 1-4 as depicted in the video! If you are following our Noon-Zoom classes, Coach Kevin & Cara will be calling out the numbers for you. If you are on your own, follow our 10 round suggestion above. Stay on the balls of your feet, minimize contact with the floor and move quick!

“The Buildup” (3-5 Minutes)
Bulgarian Split Squat Jump –  Video
– 3 second descent (negative) with explosive jump from bottom position
– Absorb landing, reset, repeat!
1st/2nd Set: Bodyweight, practice sets of 5 each side
3rd Set: If able, add a light weight in side body or goblet, 5 reps each side

Coaches’ Notes: 
Practice the Bulgarian Split Squat with jump. Focus on a 3 second descent into your bottom position, then explosively change direction and perform a single leg jump. Absorb your landing, find your balance, reset position and repeat for next rep!
*Resistance: Only add a light weight if your balance and positions are near perfect!
*Bench Height: Choose a height for your back leg to rest on that is just below your knee cap!

EMOTM X 3 Working Sets: 40 on/ 20 off (14 minutes)
Min 1: Bulgarian Split Squat Jumps, left side
Min 2: Bulgarian Split Squat Jumps, right side
Min 3: Renegade Row, left side – Video
Min 4: Renegade Row, right side
Min 5: Rest

Coaches’ Notes: 
For 3 sets, work for 40 seconds, rest and transition for 20 seconds. Rotate through the circuit above resting 1 minute at the end of each round!
*Renegade Row:  Using a db, kb, or light piece of equipment. Focus on keeping hips square to floor while minimizing body rotation. This movement can be performed without weight as well. Pause in top position of each rep. See video!

For time: (11 minute cap)

V-up + Tuck-up – Video
– equals 2 reps

*Hustle Goal: Finish sub 9 minutes!

Coaches’ Notes:
Perform the following movements above as fast as possible. Perform 21 reps of each, 18 reps of each, etc…
*SDHP: Using a Db, Kb or any object that you can find in the house challenges you and mimics the movement. This weight should be heavy if able.