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Bulgarian Split Squat:
Beginner: Sets of 10 per leg, bodyweight or PVC.
Intermediate: Sets of 8 per leg, using KB or DB in hands, add weight.
Advanced: Find your heavy 5 per leg with back rack barbell.

B. 5 Sets:
Single Leg Romanian Deadlift with Barbell
5 each leg, adding weight each set.
Russian Kb Swings X 20 70/55lbs
Rest as needed between sets.

C. 4 Rounds: For max distance
Plank – 1 minute
Overhead walking lunge with plate 45/25lbs – 1 minute
Rest 30 seconds
-Score is total distance lunged over 4 rounds.
*The total amount of time you spend each round in a plank is equal to the amount of time you have to lunge. The max amount of time you can plank is 1 minute each round. If you fall out of the plank early, rest the remainder of that minute. The longer you plank the more time you have to lunge! Earn it to lunge it!

Ceasar killing it on Team Endurance Saturday!

Ceasar killing it on Team Endurance Saturday!