Defined @ Home Training:

Practicing the Single Leg KB Swap – Video
(5 minutes)
*A great drill to practice balance and improve foot, ankle and hip deficiencies. Also improves alignment and full body stability!
– Perform with shoes off and a light to moderate weight.
1 Rounds: 25 seconds on/ 5 seconds transition
– Drill #1: Single Leg, both sides, slow swap
– Drill #2: Single Leg, both sides, rapid swap
– Drill #3: Spit Stance isometric hold, both sides, slow swap
– Drill #4: Single Leg RDL hold, both sides, slow swap
– Drill #5: Bulgarian Split Squat hold, both sides, slow swap

“The Buildup” (3-5 minutes)
Bulgarian Split Squat – Video
Practice and get comfortable with this movement.
Take 2-3 sets warming up to a weight you want to use for sets of 5s
– Use a 3 second negative tempo with all reps!

Every 4 Minutes X 4 Rounds; (15 minutes)

Bulgarian Split Squat + Isometric Hold with Swap – Video
– 30 seconds of reps + 30 second of hold with swap
– Perform on each side with 3 sec. negative tempo on first 30 sec. of reps
*Follow each set with:
Isometric Towel Row X 20 seconds – Video
Jumping Air Squats X 10 reps (AFAP)
– Perform a continuous jump for max height
Rest remaining of each round

Coaches’ Notes:
Every 4 minutes, complete the circuit above. Each round should take about 2.5-3 minutes leaving at least 1 minute for rest and recovery.
*Bulgarian Split Squat + Isometric Hold with swap: Perform 30 seconds of weighted reps with the 3 sec. neg. tempo then hold in bottom position while performing the “swap” with your light to moderate weight. Perform on both sides.
*Isometric Towel Row: Perform with a small towel or bedsheet. Get into your bottom position setup for your clean or deadlift, with down and back, pull up as hard as you can for 20 seconds. This should be a 100% maximum contracted hold. Feel this in your lats, middle back and butt! See video!

Strength Circuit: “REP-HOLD-REST”
4 Rounds (16 minutes)
EMOTM: Perform 30 sec reps + 15 sec static hold + 15 sec rest

Min 1: Pushups + Hold in bottom or top – Video
Min 2: Sumo Deadlift High Pull + Hold in upright row – Video
Min 3: Bicep Curl + Hold at 90 – Video
Min 4: Front Raise + Hold extended at shoulder level – Video

Coaches’ Notes:
Every minute on the minute, perform max reps for 30 seconds, then perform your static hold for 15 seconds, then rest 15 seconds before transitioning to the next station. 
*Pushups: Perform clapping, from toes, knees or using an elevation for hands or feet. 
*Sumo Deadlift Highpull: Using a kb, db, band, weighted backpack, etc..
*Bicep Curl: Using a Db, Kb, band, plate or any object that you can find in the house that challenges you and mimics the movement pattern.
*Front Raise: Using a plate, band, db, kb or weighted backpack, etc…