1) Incentive program #2 – Everyone who raises $100 this week through Saturday for the Fight 2 Give fundraiser will be put in a drawing for a $75 gift card to Tango Sur. More Info HERE.

2) Register for your Nov. 2nd Fight 2 Give heat HERE.

3) All Trodo teams will be able to do their team workout this Saturday from 8a – 9:30a at CFD Lincoln Square with Coach Kevin.  Please contact Coach Laura if you have any questions ([email protected]).  More info HERE.

A. “Fight Gone Bad” Prep
4 Rounds: 1 minute at each station, max effort
Wallballs 20/14lbs
Sumo Deadlift Highpull 75/55lbs
Box Jumps 20″
Push Press 75/55lbs
Row For calories

Wod explained: Today’s training will be in preparation for our “Fight 2 Give” workout on November 2nd. The “Fight Gone Bad” WOD is normally 3 rounds with a 1 minute rest in between each round. Since today’s work will serve as our training for game day, we have added 1 more round and increased the rest to 3 minutes; in order for our athletes to recover completely. Please use today as a gauge for what your potential might be for this workout.

Record your total number of reps/calories completed for each round. We will repeat this wod 1 more time before November 2nd. Keep track of all your scores and use them on game day for either a goal to reach or a number to beat!

Good Luck and have fun!

B. Tabata Abs: 10 Rounds
Med Ball Twists 14/10lbs

Adam practicing the Iron Cross during our Gymnastics class on Thursday

Adam practicing the Iron Cross during our Gymnastics class on Thursday