We’re not ready to say “goodbye” to Summer. But we do think it’s cool to get ahead of the colder months ahead. To keep everyone safe indoors, we’re strictly enforcing house rules beginning Friday, September 25th. No one likes a Grinch, so we suggest some general “rule-following” to maintain healthy and sanitary practices, equal opportunity to attend class, and fair distribution of equipment.

Here’s what we’ll continue to enforce and require of all athletes:


Masks will continue to be required, and we ask that you be diligent about wearing them properly. That means masks cover both nose & mouth! This is the best way to ensure you and your teammates stay healthy.


Checking in with your coach before class is one of the most respectful and helpful things you can do. By entering through the front door and exiting through the back, we can ensure that we properly greet you, share information about warm up equipment, and assign spaces fairly. Bypassing your coach is like seating yourself at a restaurant: not cool.

Please help us maintain a level of organization that compliments your dedication to training. 


ONE sign-up and ONE waitlisted spot is allowed per day. Please do not exceed this limit.

Remember: when you reserve spaces and “no show,” that means your teammates can’t attend class. To allow more flexibility in class reservations, we will be adjusting our cancellation window from 4 hours to 2 hours. We hope this change allows for better management of your own reservations while giving our waitlist athletes enough time to get to the gym once they have been moved into class. 


Athletes signed up for class will receive priority to equipment being used in class that day. If you are signed up for open gym but would prefer to attend class, please check-in with your coach and wait to be assigned to a spot.


If you are not signed up for class, please do not assume we are able to make space. This puts your coaches in a difficult and uncomfortable position. We never want to deny you the opportunity to train, but we do need to respect guidelines that keep our entire community safe.


While we are mindfully capping class sizes at 18, please know that we do this in an effort to account for additional coaching staff, personal training athletes, drop-ins, and unexpected visitors. According to State regulations regarding Covid social distancing and zoning standards based on our square footage, Defined is allowed a maximum of 32 people in our space at any given time.(which currently equals 25% of our capacity) That being said, we will not be increasing class sizes at this time.

We hope you’ll help us abide by these community guidelines in order to keep everyone feeling safe, strong, and supported. We dread the day we close the garage door and turn on the heat, but at least then we can say that’s the only thing that’s changing. 

Thank you for continuing to show up proudly for your coaches, teammates, and yourselves. We couldn’t be more grateful to have you on our side. 

Stay strong, 

Team Defined