Wondering what’s about to change at Defined? The truth is: not much, right now. 

Our Mayor’s new restrictions for health and fitness centers apply only to gyms that host classes in small private studios and does not apply to gyms like Defined that have large open training floors where classes and open gym athletes intermingle. 

While these new restrictions do not apply to us, we will continue to require face coverings at all times while training indoors. Furthermore, Defined’s square footage allows us to continue training at a 25% maximum capacity. For us, your safety is our priority; and so we’ll continue to cap our classes at 15 athletes, plus 3 open gym athletes. In maintaining these class capacities, we’ll fair well below the suggested 25% rule.

Reminders on Training Outside on our back landing: Please remember that space and equipment sharing is not permitted and only 1 athlete per training square with a maximum of 10 athletes permitted outside at one time. If our athletes cannot comply with our “1 person per training square” rule, we will need to require that masks be worn outdoors as well. Please help us keep you healthy by maintaining safe, socially distant practices.
Now more than ever, we’re truly grateful to have the outdoor space we do. We’ll continue to utilize our space to the best of our ability during this challenging time, and evolve in ways that continue to put our training community first!

Questions or concerns? Please let us know how we can continue to keep you strong and resilient.

Team Defined#morethanagym 

** As always, outdoor spaces will be first come, first serve, outside of underlying medical conditions that make any person part of an at-risk population. Please email us with a note from your doctor if you feel like you can ONLY train outdoors based on an underlying medical condition.


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