A. Take 7 minutes-
Squat technique review: How can we make your squat more efficient?
Bottom Squat hold, accumulate as much time in 5 minutes in the bottom position of a squat. Using the cage for assistance, working on perfecting form and using the right muscles.

B. Take 12 minutes-
Turkish Getup: Using KBs or a barbell.
-Perform 4 TGUs, alternating sides.
-Take this time to work on your technique with the movement or challenge yourself by getting heavy.

C. Conditioning-
4 Rounds: 3 minutes ON/ 3 minutes OFF
1 minute max reps Conventional Deadlift 115/75lbs
1 minute max reps Hang Power Cleans 115/75lbs
1 minute max reps Shoulder to Overhead 115/75lbs
Rest 3 minutes