New Cycle Starts this week!
Week’s Preview: Week 1/4
Tuesday: Wendler Front Squat (week 1)
Wednesday: Romanian Deadlifts
Friday: Wendler Bench Press (week 1)

Coming soon to Defined….

Movement Prep: EMOTM X 5 Minutes
Back Rack + Front Rack + Back Rack: Split Jerk
– 1+1+1, building in small increments
– 2 second pause in catch for all reps
– Focus on speed under the bar with a smooth dip-drive!

Clean & Jerk
– Build to heavy 1+1 for the day.
– Take 15 minutes, no fails.
– Use today’s heavy set to establish a baseline for this cycle!
– Power or full squat are both acceptable.

EMOTM X 4 Rounds: (12 minutes)
35 seconds ON/ 25 seconds OFF
Min 1: Power jerks
– Practice barbell cycling efficiency
– using no more than 45% of heavy from Part B
Min 2: Single Arm DB Hang Squat Cleans
Min 3: Double Unders

*Use your first round to establish a rep goal for each round thereafter!


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