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Defined @ Home Workout- 

Tabata Mashup X 5 Rounds; 20 on/ 10 off
(5 minutes)
Hollow Hold Variation – Video
Superman Extension Hold – Video
*Practicing the Roll transition between movements – Video

Coaches’ Notes:
For 5 rounds, rotate through each of the 2 movements above as a circuit. Work for 20 seconds with a rest and transition for 10 seconds. Choose a hollow hold variation that challenges you to hold for the full 20 seconds. Practice the “roll transition” to get from one movement to the other. Think about how both these movements connect to your tight Handstand hold.

Handstand Balance Practice
4 Rounds; 40 on/ 20 off, EMOTM X 8 Minutes

Min 1: (Handstand Balance Practice)
Beg: Practice your wall climb strength – Video
Int: Practice your lean away drill using the wall – Video
Adv: Practice freestanding balance with shoulder taps – Video

Min 2: Flutter Kicks – Video

Coaches’ Notes:
For 4 rounds, work for 40 seconds, resting for 20. Practice your Handstand balance with one of the drills above. For our beginners, use this time to work on your strength first with wall climbs. For int/adv. use the wall for balance or try freestanding if you are ready for it. Every other minute follow with hollow body flutter kicks to reinforce the hollow position needed for true inverted balance. See videos!

5 Rounds, for time: (15 minute cap)
30/50 X Double Unders
30 Sec. X Plank Hold
30 X Abmats
30 Sec. X Seated Wall Squat Hold – Video

Coaches’ Notes:
Perform 5 rounds of the movements above as fast as possible for time. This is a repeat of a workout performed on March 30th., compare times!

*Double Unders: If you can easily perform 30 reps unbroken, choose 50 reps per round instead. If you do not have double unders, choose 60 singles. If you do not have a jumprope, perform 50 X Lateral hops.
*Abmats: If you do not have an abmat, use a rolled up towel or clothing instead. Whatever you use, it should fill up the space of your lower back when you are lying flat on the floor. A regular crunch works too!