A. Take 20 minutes-
Cycle 2: Deadlift
Wendler(Plus) Week 1:
Warmup Sets: 5×40%, 5×50%, 5×60%
Work Sets: 5×65%, 5×75%, 85%x max reps (aiming for 10 reps or more on week 1 max reps set)
Plus Sets: 85%x3x3: rest 1 minute between sets

We are starting another linear progression on the Deadlift using the Wendler approach. This time around we will be performing a “Wendler Plus Cycle.” The linear progression of percentages are identical to the regular Wendler program each week with the exception of the “Plus Sets”.
We will still perform 1 “max reps set” at the end of every work set  each week  and that is the number we will be recording.  The “Plus Sets” will immediately follow our max reps set. We will take that same weight and perform 3 sets of 3.

**If you completed Cycle 1 in full, add 10lbs to your old 1rm. This new estimated 1RM will be what you will base all your percentages from for the new cycle! We will be testing the 1RM upon the completion of this 2nd cycle.

B. Tabata: 20 on/10 off
8 Rounds at each,
Handstand Pushups (sub pushups with hand release)
Toes to bar (sub V-ups)

C. Take 10 minutes-
Partner Band Pulls: Sprint effort!
3-5 Rounds: Each Partner
100 Ft. Sprint (50 ft. out, 50 ft. back)
-Rest as needed, switch partners after each round.

Calm and collective

Calm and collective