Lincoln Square Happy Hour WOD – this Saturday, January 8th.  The gym will open up at 5:3op with an awesome team WOD starting at 6p.  Adult Hydration Beverages to be served at 7p sharp.  We have a great turn out last time, lets get an even better one this time!

Why open gym?  

Today is the day to come in and work on something with the coaches.  You don’t have to have a game plan, just pick a movement and ask the coach for help.  Power cleans, pull ups, jump roping, squating, deadlifting, kettle bell snatch and the list goes on and on.  If you have been here for a year and you still don’t understand a movement or if you have little skill or strength in a movement than come in today and ask a coach for help.  The coaches get just as much out of fixing a movement as you do with checking it off your “to fix” list.  Honest, we love it!

If you somehow have nothing to work on, that just pick a workout you missed from Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.  If you did all those workouts ask the coach for something to do.  We can come up with some great ideas real quick for you.

See you later today team.

Lakeview Speciality Classes – open to all athletes (Full schedule)

6p – Gymnastic Strength & Movement Conditioning with Coach Kara

7p – Olympic Lifting & Accessory training w/ Barbell Master, Coach Noal

7p – Indoor Endurance & Rowing WOD w/ Coach Mark

Lincoln Square Specialty Classes – open to all athletes (Full schedule)

7p – Olympic Lifting & Accessory training w/ Coach Matt & Coach Laura

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