Saturday and Sunday:  Closed
Monday:  Back to normal schedule.

Lincoln Square: In addition to the current schedule at Lincoln Square, the following classes will be added to accommodate our Lakeview athletes that would like to train! All classes are open to all CFD members!

8am Powerlifting (squat & bench today)
9am Team WOD
10am Team WOD
12p Olympic Lifting (snatch, clean & jerk today)

9am KB Class
10am KB Class
11am Athletes Yoga

WOD #1 – Trodo Open
* Teams of 4 (2 guys, 2 girls) – 20 Min Time Cap
* 5000m Row total & 150 Thrusters between the group.

WOD #2 – Running is Back
* Dress warm, there will be some running
* Teams of 4 (2 guys / 2 girls ) – 20 Min Time Cap of Burpees & Abs

MORE WOD DETAILS WHEN YOU SHOW UP.  Text, Instagram, Facebook, Tweet or MySpace your gym friends and see you in the AM.

Remodel Update:  Most of the corner mezzanine has been removed, 11 platforms have been sealed, the office is packed up and the pull up cage is ready to move.