Lakeview Training
8a, 10a, 11a – Team WODs
9a – Powerlifting & SWOD
12p – Olympic Lifting, accessory lifts and mobility (90 min class)

Lincoln Square Training
9a – Powerlifting & SWOD
10 – Team WODs

Team WOD Programming
Team Strength:  Floor Press – 10 Min Challenge
* 10 min with a partner to move as much weight as possible. Each athlete picks his or her own weight and sticks with it for 10 min to move as many lbs as possible. 2 Athletes + 1 bar. . . get after it.
Floor Press Demo

Team Tabata
Station 1 – Row for Cals
Station 2 – Burpees to 45lb plate x2
Station 3 – Med Ball Ab Mats 10/6
Station 4 – KB Sumo DL High Pull (70/55)

Teams of 4 – after each tabata take your lowest score from each teammate and add it together during a short rest. You will be at each station for 8 rounds before moving to the next station. Remember that each tabata is 8 rounds for 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds rest. Your score for the tabata would be the lowest round you had.

Powerlifting Programming
Part I: Find a heavy 3 rep bench press
Part I: Deadlift (sumo or standard) 15 singles.
SWOD – 10 min Cap
Bent Over Barbell Row x 8 + 10 Pull Ups for 4 rounds
** Pick a weight that is challenging, you can also change weight each round.
** Pull Ups – kipping or strict (use a band if you need it)

Finishing Move – 100 Dead Bug Abs

California Strength Olympic Lifting Seminar – CFD LS – Aug 16th & 17th.  Register Here.

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