5 Minute Warm-up led by Coach Kevin & Cara on Zoom at 9am

Team Workout: Teams of 2

Find a virtual teammate, Defined member, roommate, friend or family member and join us on Zoom!
*Join with or w/out a partner; if needed we will assign teams during class

10 minute Amrap
20 X Mountain Climbers (buy-in)
10 X Single Arm Dead-lifts Video
8 X Single Arm Hang Muscle Snatch Video
6 X Single Arm Hang Squat Cleans Video
20 X Mountain Climber (buy-out)

– Rotating with your partner every round. 
– Switch sides every round
– Non working athlete is holding a wall-sit. Video

•••2min rest•••

8 Minute Amrap
15 X Jumping Jack (buy in)
10 X Jumping Lunges over weight
8 X Jumping squats over weight
6 X Burpee over weight
15 X Jumping Jack (buy out)

– Rotating with your partner every round. 
– Non working athlete is holding a Tabletop. Video

•••2 min rest•••

6 Minute Amrap
10 X Shoulder Tap (buy in)
10 X Russian twist (L+R=1) Video
8 X V-ups Video
6 X 4 – Count Flutter kicks Video
10 X Shoulder Tap (buy out)

– Rotating with your partner every round. 
– Non working athlete is holding a plank. Video

Flex Off with Coach Kev and Cara;

Tabata: 20 on/ 10 off X 4 Rounds @ each station;
Floor press
Tricep kickbacks

Coaches’ Notes:
Part B:
3,2,1 GO. Partner 2 holds a wall sit. Partner 1 performs 20 mountain climbers, then all on the right side; 10 dead-lifts, 8 hang muscle snatch, 6 hang squat cleans, and finally another 20 mountain climbers. Once complete, partners rotate. Partner 2 starts the amrap while partner 1 holds a wall-sit. Follow this pattern for 12 minutes.
Follow the pattern above for both the 10 and 8 minute AMRAPs. Utilizing the movements as stated in the workouts.

Non verbal communication is key with virtual teammates. Have teammates be diligent about watching the screens of their partners or have each team come up with their own hand signals to signify its time to switch before starting the workout.

*12 min AMRAP: Optimize with any piece of equipment in the household that challenges and mimics a DB or KB. Optimize up by using the same piece of equipment in each hand and performing the movements as double Db/Kb.
*10 min AMRAP: Jump over a piece of equipment or create two lines on the ground that are 4-6 inches apart from each other to mimic the “jumping over” part of the workout.
*8 min AMRAP: Russian twist is left plus right equals 1 or a total of 20 taps.V-ups can be alternating or both legs.Flutter kicks are 4 count equals 1 or a total of 24 flutter kicks.

Part C:
*Flex off: Using a plate, double dB/kB or any piece of equipment that challenges you and mimics movement patterns for both the floor press and kickbacks.