Meat Share Drop off at 9:00a.  Pick your meat up by 12p.

10a – Team WOD

Optional Open Classes at Lakeview
9a – Powerlifting & SWOD (see below for programming)
11a – Lift Shit / Drop Shit
12p – Lift Shit / Drop Shit
** The 11a & 12p classes will be lead by Coach Noal & Coach Jenny and will focus on testing out a 1 Rep Max on the Snatch or Jerk. Technique, warm ups and skill work included. If you do not want to find a heavy 1 you can also (and are encouraged) to just come in and work on the movement.

Team WOD Programming

WOD #1 – 10m
Station 1 – Snatch Grip Deadlift Hold (185 / 115)
Station 2 – Wall Balls (20/14)
Station 3 – Med Ball Ab Mats (10/6)

WOD #2 – 10m
Station 1 – Wall Sit Plate Hold (45/25)
Station 2 – Hang Power Clean (115/75)
Station 3 – Med Ball Ab Mats (10/6)

WOD #3 – 10m
Station 1 – Ring Dip Hold or Box Dip Hold (feet not touching the floor)
Station 2 – Double DB Push Press (55/35)
Station 3 – Med Ball Ab Mats (10/6)

Here is how this works, we did a variation of this the last time we had a meat share drop off.  It’s #meaty.
Athlete 1 is at the HOLD station, athlete 2 is at the movement station and athlete 3 is at the ab mat station.  The HOLD station will determine when you rotate.  When the HOLD station athletes stops everyone will rotate and pass their number.  The WORK station (#2) and the AB MAT station (#3) will keep counting their reps and pass the number.  At the end record the total reps for #2 & #3.  Rest 2 – 3 between WODs.
5000m Surprise

5000m Surprise