The California Strength Team is officially in town to run a 2 day olympic lifting seminar at CFD LS.  All of our coaches will be in attendance to learn a few things so we can come back Monday with a fresh set of coaching cues and new barbell knowledge.  With that we have a modified weekend schedule.

Saturday Aug 24th Schedule Change Reminder: 
8a – Team WOD

Sunday Aug 25th Schedule Change Reminder:
8a – Simulated Long Run Endurance WOD (at CFD Lakeview)
8a – KB WOD

Team WOD Challenge – 10 min work with a 2 min rest to transition to the next station and record your reps. May the odds be ever in your favor.

Part I: Row Your Boat (Max Cals) + Farmer Carry x4 (pace car using 70/55 KB’s)
Details – teams of 2, athlete 1 will row for as many calories as possible while athlete 2 walks down and back twice with a KB in each hand. Once the Farmer Carry is done each athlete will rotate spots. Winning team will have the most calories at the end.
NOTE: 4 Lengths = down, back, down, back.

Part II: Wall Balls (20/14) + Pull Ups x10 (pace car)
Details – teams of 2, athlete 1 will do as many wall balls as possible during the time it takes athlete 2 to perform 10 Pull Ups. Going for as many Wall Balls as possible.  Don’t cheat your reps.  It will haunt you for the entire weekend if you do.

Part III: Barbell Front Rack Lunge (95/65) + Burpees x10 (pace car)
Details – teams of 2; athlete 1 will do as many Barbell Front Rack step lunges as possibele during the time it takes athlete 2 to perform 10 burpess. Going for as many Lunges as possible in place (not walking around).
Note: 1 lunge = 1 rep. Also, make sure to keep your elbows high in the rack position. If you can not keep a solid rack then put the barbell on your back.

Also note that we have Outdoor Yoga Sunday at 10a.  See events section for details.