Check the schedule for all CFD Lakeview and CFD Lincoln Square training times and classes.  Also note that the TRODO Open WOD will be completed at CFD LS from 8a – 9:30a with Coach Kevin.  Show up and show your stuff.  


1) Tango Sur Incentive Program – Everyone who raises $100 this week through today for the Fight 2 Give fundraiser will be put in a drawing for a $75 gift card to Tango Sur. More Info HERE.

2) Register for your Nov. 2nd Fight 2 Give heat HERE.

3) All Trodo teams will be able to do their team workout today from 8a – 9:30a at CFD Lincoln Square with Coach Kevin.  Please contact Coach Laura if you have any questions ([email protected]).  More info HERE.

TEAM WOD Programming

Part 1 – Max Pounds (find out the movement when you show up) – 9 Min w/ a 5  min warm up to your working weight.
** There will be multiple weight categories for men and women. This team portion will be an amazing time to work as a team and motivate your teammate to work hard and go beyond what you think you can do.

Part 2 – Entire Group Contest of Plank-n-Abs  x6 Rounds
30 Second Plank
30 Seconds Planks (max reps)
10 Seconds Rest

** All CFD Saturday classes will do this WOD to find out what class time has the best abs between CFD LS & CFD LV. Class total reps will be divided by the number of athletes for a team score. Follow us on Facebook to find out who wins.

Lincoln Square Facebook – if you like us  . . .then like us.

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Part 3 – Row your boat. . . Swing that bell.
Teams of 2
30 Second Max Cal Row (level 10)
20 Second Rest
30 Second Max KB Swing to eye level (70/55)
20 Second Rest
** Athlete 1 is on the rower athlete 2 is at the KB station. 30 sec of serious work then rotate. Pass your score to your teammate, at the end tally up your numbers for a big score.  Each athlete will alternate between the rower and KB for 4 max attempts at each station.

Powerlifting & SWOD 

Part 1 – Back Squat 5 x 5 (last week for the 5×5, next week we re-test our 1 rep max)
* 4 Sets of 5 reps to warm up, then 5 sets of 5.
* Add 5 – 10lbs from last attempt. If this is your first time, then start at 65% of your 1 Rep Max.
* Then1 rep & 80% and another at 85% 

SWOD (strength WOD) – 5 Rounds
*  DB front raise  x 8
* Bulgarian Split Squat x8 (each leg)
* Strict Pulls Ups x10 (use a band if you have to, no swing, no wiggle , no kip)
5 Rounds, adding weight when you can or need to.  Form or speed; this is dedicated accessory time for your lifts.

Finishing Move – 5 min in a plank, any variation of the plank is ok.  Rest as needed.

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