September is all about showing up. 

As we enter a new quarter, we encourage you to recall the reasons you train. Is it for strength, community, balance, or something entirely different? The only wrong answer is not having an answer. To inspire consistency, we asked our coaches why they train. And here’s what they said:

  • Coach Ben: “I train because I’m addicted to it.”
  • Coach Dana: “Mental health. Training is a reminder that I know that I’m always stronger than when I feel depressed and down.
  • Coach Igor: “I train for longevity. I want to keep moving well when I get to David’s age. I don’t care so much about hitting PRs or winning any WODs; I care more about feeling good mentally and physically.”
  • Coach Sergio: “I train to keep a healthy habit in my life. I have my good days and not-so-great days. But as long as I move my body, I know I accomplished something amazing.”
  • Coach MiKala: “I train because it builds and continues to refine my character. Training takes: Patience. Perseverance. Determination. Discipline. Curiosity. Growth. Resilience. Accountability. Humility. I train because it teaches me.
  • Coach Sarah: “For perspective. My training gives me experiences I need to think and speak more accurately about how I feel and what I can accomplish.”
  • Coach Allyn: “I train because it lets me connect with others, challenge myself, and shake up the status quo.  Training has taught me to approach my life from an abundance of joy rather than an abundance of fear.  I used to worry about what would happen if I fail; now I concentrate on what can happen if I succeed.”
  • Coach Cara: “I view my training as a need rather than a want. I need to train to connect with myself and with my people, connect with discomfort, and to put in work every day to be stronger and more present.”
  • Coach Matt: “I train to continuously improve myself mentally, physically, and emotionally. Training pushes me to get comfortable being uncomfortable.”
  • Coach David: “I train to keep my head from spinning and to take a mental break from the world. I train to listen to Syed’s stories, bet FitAids against Big Dave, and laugh with Bienko.”

Along with consistency, here’s what you’ll need to know for September:


  • CLOSED, Monday, 9/6: rest up, team!
  • USAW In-house Summer Throwdown, Saturday, 9/11: all levels.
  • Strength Doubles Day, Saturday, 11/6: tell your swolmate to save the date!

Don’t forget: Masks are back. Because we prioritize your health!

Masks are required for all Defined athletes, coaches, and visitors, regardless of vaccination status. As a small business that values health, wellness, and movement, we’re dedicated to keeping our teammates strong and safe. A community united, we follow and support Chicago Department of Health guidelines and mandates.

Our outdoor space is always available for training, where masks are not required. If you’d like to train outdoors, please check-in with your coach upon arrival, as space is limited to 6 athletes.

If and when guidelines change, we’ll send updates accordingly! Questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out: [email protected].

USAW In-House Meet!

Join your teammates for Defined’s USAW Weightlifting Summer Throwdown: an in-house meet to support our Defined community of lifters. No experience in competing is necessary; just a passion and interest in Weightlifting! All levels are welcome. Register for the meet here!

WHEN: Saturday, 9/11 at Defined Training

  • Weigh-Ins: 8-9am
  • Event timing: 9:30am-1pm

WHO: Beginners to Advanced. Open to all Defined athletes!

WHAT: USAW Weightlifting In House Summer Throwdown

  • Every athlete gets 3 attempts for the Snatch and 3 attempts for the C&J. Scores will be submitted to USAW for those that are using this as a qualifying event.
  • First time participating in a Weightlifting meet? Great! Committing to this event and your strength is already a PR!
  • Additional questions? Please email us at [email protected]

COST: $55 Total

  • USAW 1 month membership: $10.00
  • Registration cost: $45, includes a Defined Barbell Club Shirt!


A: USAW has a variety of membership options depending on your needs. Yearly and monthly memberships are available for as little at $9.99 a month.  USAW membership is required to compete in local and national events and includes medical insurance coverage for any injury that happens at a USAW meet.  Check out your membership options here and the benefits of membership here. Want to skip the marketing and speed up the process? Use this link to register! 

Stay Strong. Team Defined


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