Specialty Classes Reminder in addition to the standard KB WODs:
11a – 12p – Wounded Warrior Olympic Lifting Group @ Lincoln Square (if you are an active or retired service member than please feel free to join us, we would love to have you.)
12p – 1p – Athletes Yoga @ Lakeview
1p – 3p – Open Gym @ Lakeview

5 Min Mobility – Coaches Choice

Strength/Skill – Turkish Get Up – 10m
** Spend 15 min working on technique and adding weight.
** 3 reps per side, add weight any time you can.
** Feel free to try this movement with a barbell as well.
** Or try it with a teammate – VIDEO

WOD #1 – KB Complex – 10m
4 KB Swings to eye level
3 KB Cleans
2 KB Split Jerks
1 KB Front Squat (or goblet squat)
** go through the complex on the right side, rest 15 – 20 seconds and repeat on the left side.
** go through the complex with about 75% speed and get as many rounds as possible in 10 min.
** add weight or use a heavier KB when you feel ready to. Try to challenge yourself a bit on this.

WOD #2 – 5 Rounds – high output
KB Swing (above head) – max reps 1 min (heaviest possible KB)
Double KB Burpee (55’s / 35’s) – max reps 1 min
1 Min Rest