Lakeview Kettle Bell Classes – 9a, 10a, 11a

Lincoln Square Classes – 10a

Specialty Classes Reminder in addition to the standard KB WODs:
11a – 12p – Wounded Warrior Olympic Lifting Group @ Lincoln Square (if you are an active or retired service member than please feel free to join us, we would love to have you.)
12p – 1p – Recovery Yoga @ Lakeview (open to Lincoln Square athletes)
1p – 3p – Open Gym @ Lakeview (open to Lincoln Square athletes)
12p – 1:30pm Impromptu Open Gym at Lincoln Square with Coach Noal

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5 Min Mobility – Coaches Choice

Strength (10 min)
5 Sets of Max Reps – Pull ups
* Change your grip each time, pull ups, chin ups, close grip, wide grip.
** Go strict, use a band, partner or weighted!

Partner WOD #1 – 10 Min AMRAP
Athlete 1: Tailpipe Hold 55/35lb KB
Athlete 2: 7 Med Ball Cleans + 7 Med Ball Burpees (20/14lbs)
** Rotate any time athlete 1 takes the KB’s out of the front rack position. Continue to pass the rounds & reps off to one another for 10 min while going for as many rounds as possible with quality work.

Partner WOD #2: 10 Min AMRAP (different partners)
Athlete 1: 5 Left arm KB Snatches + 1 Turkish Getup, 5 Right arm KB Snatches + 1 Turkish Getup. 55/35lbs
Athlete 2: Active rest, Plank Hold

Wod explained: Athlete 2 is holding a plank position for as long as it takes athlete 1 to complete the 5+1 complex on both sides. Once athlete 1 has finished, partners switch stations. Continue in this fashion for 10 minutes completing as many rounds and reps as possible.

Finishing Move for 4 rounds.
10 V Ups
15 Bicycle Abs (L + R = 1)
20 Second Superman Hold