Endurance: 8a @ Lakeview – Simulated Long Run WOD w/ Mr. Coach Peterson

At Lakeview – KB Classes @ 9a, 10a, 11a & Open Gym from 12p – 2p

At Lincoln Square – KB Class @ 10a

Strength / Skill WOD

** Landmine Twists
** Bulgarian Split Squat
** Dips
** Sled Push
** Russian Banded KB Swing

WOD Explained: 3 Min at each station working on skill / strength.   This is not a max set, max rep or max weight session. This is time for you to practice the movement and add weight when you need to. Use your time wisely and train with purpose. Do not just go through the movements without focus.

WOD: For Time – 

1000m Row + 100 Double Unders


New WOD Books coming real soon!