Defined @ Home Training:

A. “KBs”
Tabata : 20 sec on / 10 sec off : 8 rounds at each station
Russian Swing Video
Push Press Video
Lunge Video

– Exhaust all 8 rounds at each station before moving onto the next movement.
– Using only one piece of equipment for the Push Press, perform on one side and alternate sides every round.

B. “SLR”
Hero WOD “Manion”
7 rounds for time:
400 X Meter run
29 X Back Squats 
– Single Arm Video 
– Double Arm Video 

Coaches’ Notes: 
Part A:

Exhaust all 8 rounds at each movement before moving on. If working with one piece of equipment, alternate side every movement.
*Tabata: Can be completed with KB, DB, plate, or any object in the household that challenges you and mimics the movement pattern.

Part B:
If you can, go outside, get some fresh air and vitamin D for this workout.
*Run: We have a few options for your today. If you are running outside but don’t have a 400 meter mapped out: run 1 minute out + run 1 minute back. If you are running in the hallway of your building, keep it to a total of 2 minutes (think shuttle sprint style). If you are choosing to stay inside: Perform 1 minute of mountain climbers + 1 minute of Wall Sprints.
*Back Squats: Hold a KB/DB or anything that mimics this equipment in your back rack position for the squats. Take a look at video above. One or double KB/DB. Optimize to front rack or air squats is a good option.