Saturday: normal schedule
Sunday: @ LV – 9a, 10a KB’s / @ LS – 8a Endurance, 9a KB
Monday: Closed at both gyms for the holiday

Saturday Training:
8a, 10a, 11a – Team WODs
9a – Powerlifting & SWOD
12p – Olympic Lifting & Accessory Training

Lincoln Square:
9a – Powerlifting & SWOD
10a – Team WOD

Team WOD Programming:

Teams of two, split up the reps any way you like.  Each athlete must do at least one rep at each station.

Instead of rushing to get through this think about executing the movements perfectly.  The front squats need to be at a perfect depth with the bar in the front rack, the wall balls need to be under control with a full depth while hitting the center of the target.  The KB swings going all the way overhead.  We are training today, not testing.  Don’t cheat a movement just to get the project done faster.  Train like a boss.  Move like a boss.  Forget about being the fastest today.

1 mile run (run as a team)
60 Front Squats (95/65)
20 cal row
60 Dumbbell Snatches (55/35)
20 cal row
60 Wall Balls (20/14)
20 cal row
60 KB Swings to overhead (55/35)
20 cal row
60 Box Jumps (20/24 – always step down)
20 cal row
60 Shoulder to overhead (95/65)
20 cal row
60 Mountain climbers + 60 Abmats (each partner must complete 60 of each/120 reps for each partner)
1 mile run (run as a team)

Powerlifting Programming:

Part I: Find a heavy 3 rep Back Squat with 2 second pause in the hole.

Part II: Volume + Time :50
Station 1: Close Grip Bench Press x5
Station 2: Power Jumps to Box x3 with step down
Station 3: Push Ups to failure with a closer hand position
Station 4: 15 Dead Bugs
** Details: You have 50 seconds at each station and will rotate and cycle through these four movements 6 times or for 6 rounds. Adding weight and height when you need to. Focus on getting the work done on time and moving explosively. 

SWOD: 4 rounds of
Side Bends x15 (left & right side – 55/35)
Ring Rows x15 (or 20 box dips)