Thursday Open Gym 

Why is attendance so great throughout the week and then Thursday hits and numbers drop significantly?  Today should be one of the busiest days of the week.  Come in, work on a movement (double unders perhaps), spend some time on skill or lift you really enjoy and just get some work done.  Thursday has such a light easy going feel.  The coaches are around to mingle and help where needed.  It can be a light day, a recovery day, a bust your hump day.  Make it what you like, but just get in here.  No one ever regrets going to the gym and sweating a little.

Lakeview Schedule

Lincoln Square Schedule

Tire Flip & Row WOD: Lincoln Square @ 6p.
5 Flips + 500m Row, 4 Flips + 400m Row, 3 Flips + 300m Row, 2 Flips + 200M, Row 1 Flip + 100M Row
** Either do this solo or as a team. Coach David will be there to do the workout with you and to teach some tire flipping technique.
** Go fast or go slow. The beauty is in the work. Not the speed.

Thursday Specialty Classes @ Lakeview:
6p – Gymnastics
7p – Indoor Endurance
7p – Olympic Lifting & Accessory Lifts

Great links. . . click them.  Use your downtime to improve something.

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