Thursday Open Gym 

Come in, work on a movement (double unders perhaps), spend some time on skill or lift you really enjoy and just get some work done.  Thursday has such a light easy going feel.  The coaches are around to mingle and help where needed and offer guidance.  It can be a light day, a recovery day, a bust your hump day.  Make it what you like, but just get in here.  No one ever regrets going to the gym and sweating a little.

Lakeview Schedule 

Lincoln Square Schedule (don’t forget that CFD LS is closed this weekend for CF Level 1 Seminar)

Thursday Specialty Classes @ Lincoln Square (open to all CFD athletes):
7p – Olympic Lifting Development Class

Thursday Specialty Classes @ Lakeview (open to all CFD athletes):
6p – Gymnastics
7p – Rowing & Indoor Endurance
7p – Olympic Lifting Development Class

Thursday Hot Links . . . enjoy. 

37 Things you’ll regret when you’re old

How to talk to women about weight lifting (article written by a woman)

Keep It Simple Stupid (30 Day Ted Talk)


Photo: Coach Mike post WOD giving us the “I am still alive thumbs up.”