Fight 2 Give Fundraiser – Year 3 – $30k Goal (LS – $25K, LV – $5K)

Here is the 1, 2, 3 on this.  Every year we support 2 amazing organizations.  World Sport Chicago and The Wounded Warrior Project.  We raise money, raise awareness and finish up on Nov. 2nd with a 17 min workout that will leave you fighting for air. Then we have a legit wild costume party at night (hence the Paleo 30 Day).  Why give?  Because it feels good, it makes a difference and Chicago area youth and our veterans need it.

Need some motivation to get started?  

Raise a min of $50 by Friday at 12:00p and win Cubs Tickets to the game next week on the 24th.  And to add to the tickets there are free drinks and appetizers at Duece’s & Diamonds before the game if you want to.  Feel good today, help others.  I doubt you will regret it.  Shit, we give the City of Chicago money all the time for parking tickets, why not give to someone who actually needs it.

Thursday Open Gym Day

There is a coach or two at every class to help offer technique pointers and cues for each athlete. You can work on a missed workout from Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday or you can work on a skill that you would like to improve. Either way a coach is there to give you a hand.


5:30a, 6:30a, 12p, 4p, 5p, 6p – Open Gym Times

6p – Gymnastics Conditioning – Canceled for tonight.
** Coach Kara is out of town but will have the workout at the gym for posted for everyone.

7p – Olympic Lifting Instruction w/ Coach Noal
** Lifting heavy and super mobility are not required. Just a healthy attitude and the interest to improve the clean, jerk and snatch.

7p – Endurance – Canceled for tonight.  Pending storm and flooded trails.  Come to the gym and work on something.


5p, 6p, 7p – Open Gym Times

** All CFD LS athletes are encouraged to take the specialty classes at LV today. Regardless of experience.

Pa – Pa – Paleoooo Hot Links.  Grass Fed too!

Erin K Likes Oly Shoes. . . do you?

Sept 28th – Burpee 5K 

Fight 2 Give Fundraiser – $510 of $30,000