1) Just in!  “Fight 2 Give” fundraising bracelets.  All proceeds will go towards our fundraising goals.  Just $5.00 each!  These bracelets are a great way to show your support for our fundraiser in our efforts to help 2 great organizations; World Sport Chicago and The Wounded Warrior Foundation.

Last year many of our athletes purchased the bracelets in bulk and used them in their fundraising efforts at home and at work.  For example, purchase 20, sell them to your friends, family and coworkers for $5 dollars or more and raise money towards our goal.  The fundraising bracelets are an easy way to give someone something in return for their donation!
Company Matching Program
A large portion of our money raised last year was from Company matching programs.  This is an easy way to double your money!  Make a point to visit your Human Resource Department and inquire about their policies on company matching.  You might be surprised, but many companies are open to matching raised donations for organizations like World Sport Chicago and The Wounded Warrior Foundation.
If you do find that your company is willing to participate please contact [email protected] and he will help you take it from there!

2) Trodo CrossFit Box League . . . we will be hosting this next Saturday, Oct 19th from 8a – 1oa.  Come with your team or come solo and we will find you a team.  Seriously, this is open for all levels.  More details here.

3) Chicago Marathon this Sunday & the CrossFit Defined Cheering Section

The 2013 Chicago Marathon is fast approaching! As many of you know the marathon will be held on Sunday, October 13th and we know many of you have been putting in some incredible work in the box and ‘out of the box’ through our endurance program. We’re proud of every one of our athletes and want to show our support on your big day.

Let us know you are running:

From now until the Marathon the endurance white board, located on the wall near the bathrooms, will have a section for you to let us know you’re running. If you are, take a moment to write your name so we, and your fellow athletes, know you are running and can cheer you on.  You can also email us as well.

2013 Chicago Marathon CrossFit Defined Cheering Section:

This year, Coach Mark will be organizing a cheering section for the Chicago Marathon at the corner of Broadway between Cornelia and Roscoe, west side of the street. Plan to come cheer for our amazing athletes at mile eight of their 26.2 mile journey around the city. Coach Mark will be out there at 7:45 a.m. sharp with free coffee (and maybe mimosas) for all. Bring your posters and markers so you can make some signs to show your support.

Wear your CrossFit Defined gear and bring your cowbell. Its time to do some cheering!

Any questions, email Coach Mark at [email protected] or call at 708-267-8234.

4) A note from Coach Noal: 

I have agreed to work with the Wounded Warrior Foundation and host a 4 part Olympic Lifting Only Workshop. The workshop is for Wounded Veterans Post 9/11.  The 1 hour Olympic Lifting intensive starts this Sunday, October 13th at our Lincoln Square facility from 11-Noon.  It will run for 4 consecutive weeks.
We will not only cover the basic positions for all the Olympic movements: Snatch, Clean and Jerk, but we will discuss the mobility and stability training that comes along with this type of training.
Primarily, Im looking for any of our Lincoln Square members who are veterans who may want to attend and support your fellow servicemen.
I only have room for 4-8 more bodies in the class and first priority will go towards our Veterans.  Please contact [email protected] if you want to be part of this and attend our first session this coming Sunday!

On to our day. . .

Thursday Open Gym Day

There is a coach or two at every class to help offer technique pointers and cues for each athlete. You can work on a missed workout from Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday or you can work on a skill that you would like to improve. Either way a coach is there to give you a hand.

AT CFD Lincoln Square:

5p, 6p, 7p – Open Gym Times

Specialty Classes At Lakeview

6p – Gymnastics Conditioning – w/ Coach Kara
** One of the best classes of the week.  No talent needed.  Just show up and improve your game.

7p – Olympic Lifting Instruction w/ Coach Noal
** Lifting heavy and super mobility are not required. Just a healthy attitude and the interest to improve the clean, jerk and snatch.

7p – Endurance will meet at CrossFit Defined Lakeview Thursday at 7:00 p.m.
** All workouts will be scaled for anyone new to endurance.  Mobility, light run and prep time.

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