July 21st Murph Day Sign Up – 50% sold out already.

SUNDAY SCHEDULE UPDATE FOR LAKEVIEW:  9a & 10a KB WODs w/ Open Gym from 11a – 1p. We will have Outdoor Yoga at 10:30a at Belmont Harbor.

Lakeview Training:
8a – Team WOD
9a – Powerlifting & SWOD
10a – Team WOD
11a – Team WOD
12p – Olympic Lifting & Accessory Training

Lincoln Square Training:
9a – Powerlifting
10a – Team WOD

Team WOD Programming:

A: Trodo Team WOD – Teams of 4 – Alternating Interval AMRAP – 20min
**Details when you show up, movements include:
Pull Ups
Box Jumps
Ground 2 Overhead

B:  9 Min Partner WOD AMRAP
** Split work any way you like/one partner working at a time.

5 KB Swings 55/35 to eye level
5 Row for Cal
10 KB Swings
10 Row for Cal
15 KB Swings
15 Row for Cal
so on until time runs out…

Powerlifting Programming:
Part I: Close Grip Bench Floor Press – 12 sets of 3 (15m)
** Work up to a heavy set of 3 with a close grip to focus on your triceps.

Part II: Good Mornings x5 + 25 Band Pull Aparts at Chest for 5 rounds. (12m)
** Start light and add weight when doing the good morning. Movement 1st, weight 2nd.

4 rounds of: (13 – 15 min cap)
Push Press x5
Farmer Carry for 100′ (use heaviest KB possible without setting it down)
Flutter Kicks for 40 reps (L + R =1)
** Push Press Note: use a weight that is heavy but allows for good form. You can add weight from round to round.

CFD Trodo