Schedule Reminder:
5:30am WOD
6pm WOD
7pm WOD
7pm: Mobility Class (lakeview facility)
7pm: Endurance Class (lakeview facility) See below for details.

Lincoln Square athletes are welcome to attend either the Mobility or Endurance Class hosted at our Lakeview facility!

Endurance: Endurance will meet Tuesday at Lakeview CFD at 7:00 p.m. We’ll meet up on the mezz before heading out for a group 5k “fun run.”

7pm Mobility Class focus: Supple Asses… Free your butt, free your lower back!

A1. Take 10 minutes-
Build up to 75% of your 1RM Conventional Deadlift

A2. Take 10 minutes-
75%X5X5 Conventional Deadlift
Rest 1 minute between sets

B1. Gymnastics skill review-
Hollowbody Holds: 20 ON/10 OFF X 6 Rounds

B2. Take 10 minutes
HandStand Skill Focus: Kickups and walks
Beginners will be focusing on position and maintaining a tight hollow-body form while working on balance in the movement.
Advanced movers can demonstrate a handstand hold without assistance and will be working on the transitions to start moving across the floor with control.
We will all be working with partners/spotters on this one!

C. Tabata: 20 ON/10 OFF, 10 Rounds at each station
-Row for total distance
-Russian KB Swing for total reps, 70/55lbs
*Rest 1 minute between stations

CFD Athlete Jim K and his newest ELITE addition, Iceland Annie
CFD Athlete Jim K and his newest ELITE addition, Iceland Annie