This is a Deload week with a new cycle starting on Monday, 2.24.
Wednesday: Hang Power Clean 
Friday: Wendler Deadlift (W1 repeat) + “Race to Karen”

Wendler: (Week 1 Repeat), Back Squat

When working with a Wendler progression, base your percentages from what is called a “working 1RM”. You can find this number by taking your most current 1RM and multiply it by .9 which will give you 90% of your 1RM which equals your “working 1RM”.
*All percentages below are based on your “working 1RM”

Warmup Sets:
5×40%, 5×50%, 5×60%

Work Sets:
5×65%, 5×75%, 85% X Max Reps, Unbroken 

(Goal: 8 reps or more, compare this plus set to your week 1 score!)

3 Rounds: (Every 2.5 Minutes)
Bulgarian Split Squat X 8 reps each leg (heavy)
– Holding a heavy pair of DBs/KBs in side body
– Optimize: Holding 1 single KB/DB in Goblet
*Follow each set with:
Side Plank or
Side Plank with Leg Abduction X 20 seconds each side

4 Rounds for time; (12 minute cap)
Row 200/150 Meters at the top of every round
then complete the following;
Box Jump Overs X 12-12-12-12 reps
Single Arm Snatch X 12-24-36-48 reps

*Optional: Make it a team wod, grab a friend, split the work and complete it as fast as possible!


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