Week’s Preview: This is a Deload/transition week with a new cycle starting next Monday, Jan. 20th.
Wednesday: Front Squat with tempo
Friday: Deadlifts

Core PT Free Injury and Movement Screens: This Wednesday, from 4:40pm to 8pm. 8/10 spots filled, 1 every 20 minutes. Signup Here!

Split Jerk Tech Work-
Tall Jerk + Split Jerk Press (1+5)
– EMOTM X 5 Rounds
– Focus on speed under the bar!
– Building in small increments

Power Clean + Split Jerk (2+1)
– Building to a heavy complex for the day
– Take 15 minutes

EMOTM X 10 Rounds
Odd Min: Pushpress X 5 reps + Box Jump Overs X 5 Reps
– Optimize: HS Pushups X 5 reps, (unbroken) + Box Jump Overs X 5 reps
Even Min: Row X Calories X 15/12

*Goal is to finish each round leaving a minimum of 20 sec. of rest. Reduce rep scheme if needed!


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