Defined @ Home Training:

EMOTM X 3 Rounds for Quality: 45 sec. on/ 15 sec. off;
Plank, Weighted Plank or Rocking Plank – Video
Weighted or Non Weighted Glute Bridge – Video
Round 1: Wide stance – Video
Round 2: Narrow stance – Video
Round 3: Frog pumps – Video
Twisting Bear – Video

Coaches’ Notes: 
Every minute on the minute perform 45 seconds of quality work with 15 seconds to rest and transition between stations. Choose a variation of the plank that will be challenging to hold for the full 45 seconds. Every round you may vary the foot position for the glute bridge. See videos!

3 Minutes On/ 1 Minute Rest X 4 Rounds; (15 minutes)

Amrap #1:
20 X Double Unders
5 X Weighted Single Leg Stepups – Video
– Perform 5 reps each side
– Hold weight in goblet or side body

Rest 1 Minute

Amrap #2:
20 X Double Unders
10 X Jumping Lunges
– Alternating sides with every rep

Rest 1 Minute

Amrap #3:
20 X Double Unders
10 X Tuckup + Vups – Video
– 1+1 = 2 reps

Rest 1 Minute

Amrap #4:
20 X Double Unders
10 X Mountain Climber Twist – Video
– L+R = 1 rep

*Hustle Goal: Complete 4 rounds in each individual amrap!

Coaches’ Notes:
For 4 rounds, complete as many rounds and reps as possible in each 3 minute Amrap, rest and transition for 1 minute.
*Weighted Single Leg Stepups: Using a single db,kb, weighted backpack in goblet or double kb/db, pair of weights in side body. Step up on all one side before completing your reps on the other. Use as little momentum as possible for both the step up and lowering down. See video.
*Double Unders:  If you do not have double unders, perform 40 singles. If you do not have a jumprope, perform 20 X Lateral hops or 20 X Penguin Hops.

Middle Split Mobility X 5 minutes – 
Spend 1 minute in each of the stretches listed below;
1. Butterfly
2. Frog
3. Wall Straddle
4. Pancake Fold

Coaches’ Notes:
Spend 1 minute at each of the 4 stretches listed above. Click the link for visuals and further detailed information for each stretch. Perform for a total of 1-3 rounds, as interested. We will be performing ONLY 1 round in class today!