Attention Lincoln Square athletes: As a reminder, please fill out the survey we sent out last week!  We will be reading all feedback and making as many changes as possible.  Stay tuned for additional class times, and specialty classes to be added to the schedule shortly!

Tuesday Outdoor Endurance with Coach Mark: Will officially be cancelled through the Fall and Winter months.  Its getting too dark for our outdoor classes.  More info on our indoor Row focused Endurance Classes will be available soon.

7pm Lakeview Mobility: Focus will be on bettering your overhead position with attention to shoulders, chest and neck.

**LS athletes are free to attend our Lakeview mobility class until we add one to the LS schedule!

A. Take 25 minutes-
Close Grip Floor Press: Build up to a heavy set of 10
Perform 5 Sets at your heavy 10,
1 minute max reps, double unders,
Rest 2 minutes

B1. 8 Minute Amrap
100 meter Row Sprint
10 Clapping Pushups

Rest 3 minutes

B2. 8 Minute Amrap
5 Thrusters 95/65lbs
10  pullups
*Each amrap will be scored individually

Solid Jerk form Maura! Keep it up!

Solid Jerk form Maura! Keep it up!