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May 17th starting at 11am.
Location-Crossfit Illumine in Niles, IL
Teams of 4-2 guys, 2 girls
Registration Open! 
Email [email protected] for more information or with any questions.

7pm Mobility Class with Coach Cara: Focus on lower back.  How to release your lower back tension and how to feed slack to the lower back for correct positioning!

A. BackSquat: 6 Sets
*If you completed this backsquat effort last week on Monday 4/21, add 10lbs for men and 5lbs for women to your 70% effort sets.

B. 3 Rounds
3 minutes: Row for max calories
2 minutes: Wallballs, max effort 20/14lbs
1 minute: Pullups, max effort
Rest 2 minutes between rounds

*Score is total calories and reps completed over 3 rounds.

C. Bonus Round: Optional
3-5 Rounds
Pushups with 1 second pause in bottom position X 30 seconds
Walking V-ups X 60 seconds
Rest as needed between rounds.