A. Pre-hab Complex: Focus: Shoulder girdle
3 Rounds: 1 minute at each station
-Pushup plus
-Ring rows with pause
-Horizontal abduction with theraband

B1. Take 10 minutes-
Build up to your 80% of your 1RM Backsquat

B. 16 Minutes: EOMOTM- (every other minute on the minute)
ODD Rounds: 80% of 1RM Back Squat, X3 reps
EVEN Rounds: Ring or Box dips, X10 reps

Volume work (V): On all Odd rounds perform 3 Back Squats. The first round you fail to perform 3 reps unbroken, you must decrease weight by 10% for the remaining rounds. On Even rounds perform 10 ring or box dips unbroken. The first round you fail to complete all 10 reps, whatever number you were able to perform unbroken you keep for all rounds following. Alternate between the two stations for 16 minutes or 8 rounds each.

C. “Annie Plus”
Double Unders (3:1 Singles)
Mountain Climbers
Abmat Situps
*15 minute time cap