A. Take 18 minutes-
Floor Press: Find your heavy 3
*Compare loads to 6.21.13

B. 5 Rounds-
1 minute on/ 1 minute off: Max reps
Adv/Int: Strict Toes to Bar
Beg: Bar Based leg lifts for those who have not yet developed the strength for the strict toes to bar.
-Strict Toes to bars will build the efficient base movement for proper continuous kipping toes to bar.
-Take this time to work on the strength. Move slow and controlled. Do the work!

C. 3 Rounds: 3 minutes on, 2 minutes off
Row 500 meters
*Fill rest of time with Max reps Floor press @ 60% of your 3RM for the day.
**Recording weight and total amount of reps completed over 3 rounds