Pushup Challenge Week 2.
5 Days On/2 Days Off
Wednesday and Sunday Rest
3 Sets using your “working average”: 4 minute rests!

Some things to keep in mind:
Position of hands:
Switch up your hand positions from narrow to wide. Get creative, change it up from set to set or day to day. Its up to you.
Position of shoulders:
Keep them back and in a strong externally rotated position.
Pushup Plus: Try adding the “Plus” portion to some of your pushups or doing a set of “Pushups plus” from your knees after the last set. Best time to get this work done would be in the AM or late PM, try to keep it as separate from WODS as possible.

**7pm Lincoln Square Mobility Class: Focus on Posterior Chain.  Glutes, hips, hamstrings.  Better your Deadlift position by releasing slack to the system!  If you have tight hammies and/or have lower back soreness after Deadlift days, this class is for you!**

A. Take 20 minutes-
Deadlift: Find your heavy 1RM for the day.
Beginners: 3 months or less experience with CFD coming 3-5 days per week consistently, perform Sets of 5
Intermediate: 3+ to 6 months experience, Find your heavy 3
Advanced: 6+ months or more, Establish your 1RM.
*Compare scores to 9.25.13

B. Pacing!
6 Rounds: 2 minutes ON/ 1 Minute OFF
1 minute: Row for calories
1 minute: Burpees
1 minute: Rest

WOD Explained: We will first do a trial run on the rower to establish our pace for the 6 rounds. This 1 minute on the rower will be your opportunity to determine what pace you will try to maintain for 6 rounds. Whatever calories you choose to row for that trial run will be the number you will try to match each and every round with both the Burpees and the row.

For example: If you can maintain 20 calories per minute and establish that in the trial run you will try to maintain 20 burpees per minute for each and every round. Your score will be how many calories and burpees you can maintain through 6 rounds! Whatever number you hit on the rower has to match what you hit in the burpees and vice versa. The focus of this wod is MAINTAINING AND KEEPING PACE! Try to be better than last time!
**Compare scores to 11.6.2013

Trodo @ CrossFit Defined Lincoln Square.  CFD wants to see an LS team compete next time we host?  Who's in?!!!

Trodo @ CrossFit Defined Lincoln Square. CFD wants to see an LS team compete next time we host? Who’s in?!!!