New Cycle starts this week!
Week’s Preview: Week 1/4
Friday: Wendler Bench Press (week 1)

Romanian Deadlift with tempo
– Tempo: 3 seconds down, 1 second pause in bottom
– Sets of 5, building to working weight
– 5 warmup sets, every 90 seconds
– A good goal is somewhere between 70-80% of C&J

Working Sets X 4 Rounds: (12 minutes)
Min 1: RDL with tempo @ working weight X 5 reps
Min 2: 3-Point Bent Over DB Row X 12 reps per side
– Optimize up to Single Arm DB Plank Row
Min 3: Strict Toes to Bar practice X 30-40 seconds

For time: (12 minute cap)
Row X 1000/750 meters
Overhead Squat X 50 reps
– Optimize to Overhead Lunge with wide grip
Pullups X 30 reps

*Barbell weight should be light, no more than 40% of Snatch, 35% of C&J or something that you can perform in sets of 10.


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