7pm Lincoln Square Mobility Class: Back by popular demand!  Glutes!  Release your booty, harness your power!

A. 3 Rounds not for time: G.P.P
Rope Climbs X 2-4 ascents
Nose to wall Handstand Hold X 45-60 seconds
Double Unders X 50
Rest as needed

B. E.90.O.T.90 (every 90 on the 90) X 8 Rounds
Unbroken Power Clean and Jerks X 5 135/95lbs
-Take 5 minutes to build up to weight used for volume work. Choose a weight that allows you to go 5 Power Clean and Jerks unbroken every round. The weight you choose should also allow you to work on technique and efficiency in movement.

B. 3 Rounds not for time:
400 Meter Row
Single Arm DB or KB Press X 5 each side.
Single leg DB or KB RDL X 5 each side.
Toes to Bar X 10-15
Rest as needed