Week’s Preview: New Cycle starting this week!
Friday: Wendler Deadlift + Team Relay

Barbell Cycling: Hang Power Snatch
Using the hip & how to make your bar path more efficient!
– 3. 3. 3 (rest 10 seconds between each set of 3
– Add weight after each cluster of 9
– Take 12 minutes to practice your efficiency

3 Rounds: Strength Accessory (45 on/ 15 off)
Min 1: BB RDL X slow and controlled reps
– Clean or Snatch grip
– Using heavy set from Part A
Min 2: Double DB/KB Pushpress with negative
– Apply a 3 second negative for each rep
Min 3: Strict Toes to Bar, Ball ups or Knees to Chest
Min 4: Rest 1 minute

10 Rounds for time: (8 minute cap)
6 X Hang Power Snatch (light)
6 X Burpee over barbell


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