7pm Lincoln Square Mobility Class focus: Mid back, T-Spine, and shoulders.  Learn some great techniques and drills to open up your mid-back/T-Spine;  and how increasing your mobility there will  relate to not only your front rack position but all your squats, overhead positions and Olympic Lifting!

A.  3 Rounds not for time: G.P.P
Toes to bar X 10-15
Hollow Body Rocks X 20
Double Unders X 40-50
Rest as needed

B. Conventional Deadlift: 8 Sets
95%x1x 2 sets
90%x max reps
90%x 1/2 max reps set x 2 sets
*Recording weight and number of reps completed for max reps set

C3 Rounds each partner
Banded Partner Sprints X 50 feet
V-ups x 10
Banded Partner Sprints X 50 feet
Clapping Pushups X 10
Switch partners and repeat.
Rest as needed between rounds.