4th of July Schedule changes:
3rd of July: No changes. As is. 5:30am, 6pm, 7pm WODs. Onramp 7:30pm
4th of July: Closed. Check Facebook for when an open gym might be scheduled at our Lakeview facility!
5th of July: No changes. As is.

A. Take 20 minutes-
Conventional Deadlift
Beginners/Intermediate: Find your heavy 3.
Advanced: Halting Deadlift with a 2 second pause above knee. Find your heavy 3.

Click Here to watch a great informative video on the Halting Deadlift!

B. July 4th Team WOD: Teams of 3
21 minute Amrap
Station A: Row 300 meters
Station B: Single Person Tailpipe with KBS 45/25lbs
Station C:
1st 7 minutes: Power Snatch 75/55lbs
2nd 7 minutes: Power Clean 95/65lbs
3rd 7 minutes: Shoulder to Overhead 115/75lbs

Wod Explained: Partner A rows 300 meters. Partner B holds 2 KBs in the front rack position while partner A rows. Partner C completes as many reps as possible of the coinciding barbell movement. If partner B drops the KBs out of the front rack position, partner A has to stop rowing. Once partner A has completed 300 meters, all partners switch. Every 7 minutes the barbell movement and weight changes. Score is total number of reps completed in 21 minutes with the barbell.

Doug has been a member with us since practically Day 1.  We convinced him to make the full time switch from Chest and Biceps at Equinox to CFD!  We will miss you buddy, good luck in Wisconsin!