7pm Mobility with Coach Cara: Full Body Recovery Post WOD. Recover faster, smarter & prevent soreness from head to toe with the Mobility Ball, Barbell & Foam Roller. Free up chronic tightness with some smashing.

A. Back Squat: 8 Sets of 3 with 1 second pause below parallel
*The working sets are 3% higher this week compared to last week’s 80%. If you were able to complete last weeks efforts with the strict pause below parallel at 80%, add 3% to your working sets. Next week we will up it to 86%!

B. Romanian Deadlift: 65% of 1RM Backsquat
4 Sets of 5 with pace: 22×0

C. 5 Rounds: for time
30 Russian KB Swings 70/55lbs
10 Strict Pullups/Chinups
*10 minute cap

D. Bonus Round: Optional
5 Rounds:
Ring Support Holds X max effort
Abmats X 1 minute
Rest as needed between sets